Jal's new site.
I got a new personal site at, so, I moved all my projects, as JABot or Skelmod, to there (they didn't belong to this site, as this is SplitMod's web). Also, as you are seeing, I did a face clean to this site too, so it matches my new page scheme. Well, that's it, come a pay Jal's web a visit.
JABot for Quake2 released.
JABot Q2 is a Quake2 AI. Originally based in ACEbot is almost a total rewrite of it. More information here.
SplitMod 2.0 released.
QFusion r6 was released yesterday, and SplitMod 2.0 is released today. SplitMod 2.0 also makes easy to use player models with non-client entities. More.